Originally founded in 2006, Eurodesk Ventures is a leading international business-consulting firm. We focus, mainly, on comprehensive 
business performance improvement, including strategic services, branding and marketing strategy.  
At the heart of Eurodesk Ventures is a team of multi-disciplinary professionals who hold decades of extensive consulting and management experience, supported by a group of talented analysts with diverse backgrounds. 
Our core clientele is majorly consisted of large companies, with emphasize on multi-national infrastructure and communication corporations, as well as other smaller businesses, for which we deliver mostly Marketing and Branding Strategy services.  
The vast majority of our work is based on short and mid-term performance improvement projects, with specific focus on corporate cost structures. 
In addition, we constantly make sure that all of our projects are well based on quantifiable and measurable results so that you can always see the most important bottom lines effortlessly.