Simply put, we help our clients improve their total business operations. Our approach is based on collaborating with the client's executive management in order to deliver significant earnings improvement (typically 15-20%) within a period of no more than 12 months.  
In addition, we assist client executives in improving their financial control over major capital projects while reducing exposure to cost 

We strongly believe in providing our clients with practical down-to-earth recommendations, which would assist them in optimizing the services 
they provide. Typically, our Strategic Services include, among others: 
* International Market Entry Analysis 
* Operations Globalization 
* Employees Productivity Analysis 
* Customer Loyalty Reports 
* Corporate and Business Unit Strategy  


Eurodesk Ventures has strong infrastructure consulting experience, as we work with some of the industry's major international infrastructure companies, as well as with smaller businesses. We have learned that in order to run a successful infrastructure company, you must understand various aspects of both 
the multi-national business atmosphere and the local one. Therefore, our Infrastructure Consulting Services include: 
* Developing an international and local corporate strategy 
* Creating business growth strategies 
* Improving marketing and customers strategies 
* Increasing the over-all organization efficiency  
Years of experience in accompanying diverse real estate investment projects have taught us that no project is similar to the other, and that each client has its own unique objectives and constraints. It is for this very reason that Eurodesk Ventures's experienced professionals have exactly the expertise and deep 
industry knowledge required to help real estate businesses find their way to break new records of excellence and success. Our Real Estate Investments Services 
* Strategic advisory 
* Transaction due diligence 
* Tax advisory 
* Market studies 
* Lease advisory 
* Leverage and mortgages advisory  
Like you, we know how much branding is important for your business. In fact, Branding is on the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. 
We believe that your brand is your unique promise to your clients, such that will differentiate you from your competitors. As simple as it may sound, we understand that, in fact, it is a bit more complicated. 
Collaborating with your business' branding executives we will keep things simple, and assist them in developing and improving the business branding strategy. Typically, our branding strategy focuses on the following: 
* Logo Design 
* Brand naming and messaging 
* Cross-platform brand integration 
* Developing brand's visual imagery and written communication 
* Brand tagline and catchphrase development 
Collaborating with your business' marketing executives we will learn your brand's current marketing strategy and locate its strong and weak points. Together we will make sure that your brand is communicated efficiently to increase sales and achieve a sustainable and noticeable competitive edge for your business. Our marketing strategy is usually focused on: 
* Identifying and selecting markets  
* Clarifying your business objectives 
* Identifying, evaluating and activating emerging opportunities 
* Internet and social media promotions